Funding Opportunities

SURF Program

UF College of Pharmacy

Competitive Ph.D. Stipend

The University of Florida College of Pharmacy offers a competitive Ph.D. stipend and many other benefits to graduate students.

$31,000-35,000 The minimum stipend for new Ph.D. students is $31,000, with a minimum of $35,000 for U.S.-trained Pharm.D. graduates.

Full-Time Tuition and Health Insurance The College of Pharmacy provides financial support for Ph.D. students through graduate assistantships and fellowships, which include full-time tuition and health insurance coverage.

Apply by December 1 Offers of admission are considered with the availability of funding, so it is in the applicant’s best interest to submit a completed application by December 1. No separate application for funding is necessary.

Students with a previous PharmD degree from a U.S. institution are eligible to receive additional supplements for contributions to the College’s teaching mission. 

All Ph.D. applicants are considered for graduate assistantships and do not need to submit a separate application for funding.  Offers of admission to the PhD program are considered with the availability of funding, so it is in an applicant’s best interests to submit the complete application by December 1 for the first round of decisions.

Students applying for the master’s degree program are not eligible for funding through the college.

Currently enrolled graduate students who receive major competitive extramural fellowship support, including NIH or foundation-sponsored fellowships, qualify for additional supplements. Students are also eligible to apply for financial support for travel for conferences and professional development. More information about these opportunities is available from the COP Office of Graduate Education.