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50+ Graduate Faculty Provide Training

Future pharmaceutical scientists have the opportunity to train with more than 50 graduate faculty in the college's comprehensive graduate education program.

Sascha and Dr. Park Research Showcase

Graduate students are actively involved in the research activities in the UF College of Pharmacy. Research spans the entire life cycle of a drug and include broad interest areas such as medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, clinical and translational research, and pharmaceutical outcomes and policy. Our graduates contribute to advancing pharmaceutical sciences through positions in academia, industry and government agencies such as the FDA.

Led by award-winning faculty, these discoveries significantly impact the lives of patients around the world. The college achieved $27.7 million in total research funding in 2020 and the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy ranks UF among the Top 5 pharmacy colleges nationally in NIH, federal grants and total funding. The collective talents of our world-class researchers and trainees has led to substantial growth in research funding in the last six years, with the expectation for even more growth in the coming years.

72 First-author student publications in 2020-21

#3 nationally in NIH, federal and total research funding in 2021-22

$32.3 million in annual research awards in 2021-22


Yousong Ding, Ph.D.

In Dr. Ding's laboratory in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida, researchers are interested in combing the world for naturally occurring chemicals that have applications in health, agriculture and environment.

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Research News

Targeting a human protein to squash SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses

New research from the UF College of Pharmacy finds apratoxin S4 can interfere with the replication of many viruses.

UF College of Pharmacy moves into top 3 of national research rankings

The UF College of Pharmacy secured a record $32.3 million in research funding last year.

UF Health study shows years of life gained by ideal Type 2 diabetes control

A modeling study published in JAMA Network Open estimates the years that might be added to the life span of someone with Type 2 diabetes with improved control of the disease.

Seven UF College of Pharmacy trainees win ASCPT Presidential Trainee Award

The awards are given annually to the top scoring abstracts submitted by clinical pharmacologists and translational scientists in training, and UF College of Pharmacy trainees won 7 of the 21…

Research Showcase

Each year, our graduate students participate in our annual Research Showcase, which celebrates the research of our students and gives students the opportunity to present their research to others in the College.

Poster presentation


34th Annual Research Showcase breaks record for most posters and oral presentations

The showcase featured 116 poster presentations, 12 oral competition finalists and a keynote presentationKathleen M. Giacomini, Ph.D., a professor of bioengineering and therapeutic sciences at the University of California, San Francisco.

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The infrastructure of UF Health fosters interdisciplinary research opportunities across colleges, centers and institutes.

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