Graduate Curriculum

Graduate Course Registration Process

On-campus graduate students in the Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate program coordinate their course registration each term through the COP Office of Graduate Education. Instructions and course lists for the term will be provided and registration for all PHA courses is completed by the Grad Ed team. Students are responsible for registering for any courses outside of the College of Pharmacy. For more information, current students should contact the Office of Graduate Education.

Students outside of the Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate program who are interested in enrolling in our graduate courses should first contact the course instructor for permission, then notify the Office of Graduate Education.

Graduate Course Lists & Syllabi

DeptCourseTitleCreditsTerm Offered
MCPHA 6XXXMolecular Imaging1Spring
MCPHA 6XXXNew Approaches in Drug Discovery1Spring
POPPHA 5244*Principles of Evidence-Based Practice3Spring
POPPHA 5267*Principles of Pharmacoeconomics 1Fall
POPPHA 6059Applied Survival Analysis3Spring
PCPHA 6122Population PK & PD3Spring
PCPHA 6125Intro to Quantitative Pharmacology3Fall
PCPHA 6131Physiologically-Based Modeling3Spring
PCPHA 6133Translational Clinical Pharmacology3Spring
PCPHA 6170cPharmaceutical Product Formulation3Spring
PCPHA 6183Pharmaceutical Gene Delivery 3Spring
COPPHA 6185Life Cycle of a Drug1Summer
POPPHA 6264Pharmacoeconomics and Health Tech Assessment3Fall
POPPHA 6265Intro to POP Research3Fall & Spring
POPPHA 6279POP Weekend Seminar 1Spring
POPPHA 6283Comm Apps in Pharmacoeconomics Principles3Fall
POPPHA 6286Pharmaceutical Microeconomics 3Fall
MCPHA 6356Structure Determination of Complex Natural Products3Spring
PCPHA 6416Pharmaceutical Analysis3Spring
PCPHA 6418Model Informed Drug Development 3Fall
PTRPHA 6427Pharmacogenetics of Drug Metabolism and Transport2Fall
MCPHA 6435Biosynthetic Logic of Medicinal Natural Products3Fall
MCPHA 6447Drug Design I3Fall
PTRPHA 6449Pharmacogenomics & Genomic Data Analysis3Spring
MCPHA 6467CDrug Design II3Spring
MCPHA 6468Drug Biotransformation Considerations in Drug Design2Fall
MCPHA 6472Synthesis of Drug Molecules3Spring
PDPHA 6508Systems Physiology and Pathophysiology I3Fall
PDPHA 6509Systems Physiology and Pathophysiology II3Spring
PDPHA 6512LExperiential Research Training VariesContact Department
PDPHA 6521CResearch Techniques1Contact Department
POPPHA 6717Measurement in Pharm Research3Fall
COPPHA 6740Fundamentals of Grant Writing1Summer
POPPHA 6805Applied Data Analysis, Interpretation & Reporting3Fall
PCPHA 6830Nanomedicine-Based Immunotherapy3Fall
POPPHA 6891Intro to Pharmacoepidemiology3Fall
COPPHA 6894Intro to Graduate Studies1Summer
MCPHA 6905CResearch Procedures in Pharmaceutical SciencesVariesContact Department
MCPHA 6934Research Seminar in Medicinal Chemistry1Contact Department
PDPHA 6936Scientific Writing1Fall
COPPHA 6938Research Seminar1Contact Department
POPPHA 7807Advanced Pharmacoepidemiology 3Fall
COPPHA 7900Journal Club in Pharmaceutical Research1Contact Department
COPPHA 7939Journal Club in Pharmaceutical Sciences1Contact Department