Research Showcase Presentations

february 5-6, 2024

37th Annual Research Showcase

This two-day event gives our students and trainees the opportunity to share their research and promotes collaboration across the college.

Showcase Poster Hall

Event Information

The College of Pharmacy’s 37th Annual Research Showcase will take place on February 5-6, 2024. The two-day event features Poster and Oral Competitions, an address by the invited Keynote Speaker, and an Awards Ceremony & Reception to celebrate the participants.

Current graduate students, Pharm.D. students, and postdoctoral trainees are welcome to participate in the Poster Competition, while the Oral Competition features selected research presentations by graduate students and postdoctoral trainees.

More information about this year’s event and links to previous events’ programs can be found on the COP Research Showcase webpage.

Presenting Your Research

The overall goal of a research poster is to provide a clear visual display of your project. The general recommended poster size is 36″ tall by 48″ wide, although some organizations may have their own specific requirements. Research posters should be organized, concise, and visually appealing.

When presenting your research, be prepared to give an overview of your research, rather than focusing on minute details. Tell the audience what your research intends to discover and why it is important. Plan ahead to be able to respond to “tell me about your research” and be prepared to answer questions.

All posters should be reviewed and approved by the faculty advisor/PI before printing. Presenters should be dressed professionally; this means no jeans, hats, flip-flops, etc. You are serving as a representative of your lab and the UF College of Pharmacy!

Research Showcase Submission Instructions

Read the following instructions carefully and then complete the form below submit your research presentation for this year’s Annual Research Showcase.

  • All research presentations must be approved by the faculty advisor/PI prior to submission.
  • Only one submission will be accepted per student.
  • Any presentation not selected for the Oral Competition will be automatically entered in the Poster Competition.
  • Participants must be either currently enrolled in classes or employed by the University of Florida to compete.
  • The Poster Competition is open to current COP on-campus graduate and PharmD students, postdoctoral trainees, and UF undergraduate students affiliated with the College of Pharmacy.
  • All submissions to the Poster Competition will be accepted for presentation, contingent on proper formatting and eligibility. 
  • The Oral Competition is open to current COP on-campus graduate students and postdoctoral trainees only. Selections will be made by the COP Graduate Education Committee in early January.

Please make sure that you follow ALL formatting requirements provided in the help boxes. Any submission that disregards these instructions will be rejected from participation.

Questions about this year’s event or the submission process should be directed to