Newly Admitted Students

Congratulations and welcome to the Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate program!  The College of Pharmacy is committed to the discovery of new knowledge to improve the lives of other through high-impact research and provide outstanding research training within each of the five concentrations.  The Office of Graduate Education serves as a support system for all graduate students to ensure the best possible educational and research experience. 

Getting Started

Helpful Resources for New Students

Office of Graduate Education Support Staff

Kim Mahoney, Katie McFarland, and Rafael Gonzalez serve as administrative staff for the Office of Graduate Education and provide ongoing support to the students from recruitment and admissions to commencement and alumni affairs. They are committed to providing outstanding customer service for every aspect of the student experience and encourage students to email or visit the office in MSB P3-27 for any questions, concerns, or just to chat.

The Office of Graduate Education handles all on-campus, graduate education-related matters, including but not limited to:

  • Admissions & Recruitment
  • Enrollment Management & Student Records
  • Curriculum & Course Development
  • Assessment Reporting
  • Graduate Student Employment
  • Student Affairs & Events

Affiliated Staff


Karina Woodward

Phone: 352-273-6202 Email:



Philip Daniels, Ph.D., BC-TMH

Phone: 352-392-1575 Email:

Phillip Daniels