Action Item List

Please review the below items that must be completed before your arrival on campus. The UF Office of Admissions provides a full checklist for recently admitted graduate students on their website: After Being Admitted. You should also review your personalized Action Items list in One.UF.

Create a Gatorlink account

GatorLink is an individual’s computer identity at the University of Florida.  This username will allow you to sign into the various UF systems and will provide you with a email address.  All UF and College communications are sent to students via their Gatorlink email addresses. 

All students are required to establish a Gatorlink email address and check it regularly.  Not checking your Gatorlink email address will not be considered a valid excuse for missing important information or deadlines!   

Newly admitted students will receive an email notification to create your Gatorlink email address. If you do not receive a link, contact the UF Help Desk at

                What will you need?

  • Your UFID number – this is the 8-digit number assigned to you during the application process.  You will need this number for many various activities and processes throughout your educational career at UF. 
  • TIP – your Gatorlink name CANNOT be changed.  Please select a professionally appropriate email name.  Many people use their first name initial and their last name. 

Once you have created your Gatorlink account, please contact to provide your UF email address information.  We will add you to the graduate student email lists for the College and your specific department.  You will receive emails from the University and the College through the Gatorlink email ONLY.

Submit your OFFICIAL Transcripts

All official final transcripts must be on file with UF for enrollment in the program. It is your responsibility to ensure that official transcripts have been submitted to the University of Florida Office of Admissions and reflect the final degree completion for all undergraduate and graduate institutions listed in your application. Failure to submit these documents will cause a hold to be placed on your account to prevent registration and may result in not being permitted to pursue your graduate degree at UF.

Official transcripts can be sent to in two ways: hard copy paper transcripts sent via mail or electronic transcripts sent from your institution(s) directly to UF, which can save up to two weeks response time. 

Official hardcopy paper transcripts must be sent in a sealed envelope and should be mailed to:
University of Florida, Office of Admissions
201 Criser Hall, P.O. Box 11400
Gainesville, FL 32611-4000

Complete your Immunization Forms

Immunization forms must be completed at least 3 weeks prior to Orientation by visiting the Health Compliance website. Failure to submit these documents will cause a hold to be placed on your account to prevent registration and may result in not being permitted to pursue your graduate degree at UF.

COP graduate students should complete the General Education form, not the Health Professions form.

All new students must provide their immunization health history.  Please note that only the official UF form provided on the website will be accepted. Have your health provider fill out the form and submit by the following:

Fax:                        352-392-0938
or Mail:                 UF Student Health Care Center
Health Compliance, PO Box 117500
Gainesville, FL 32611-7500

Establish Florida Residency

If you indicated on your application that you are a Florida resident, you MUST follow-through and submit the required documents to prove your residency!  Please do not assume that being born and raised in Florida, or attending Florida education institutions waives the requirement.

It is strongly recommended that all graduate assistants who are U.S. citizens, permanent resident aliens, or legal aliens granted indefinite stay by the Immigration and Naturalizations Service, take appropriate actions to become in-state residents for tuition purposes as soon as they become eligible.  To accomplish this, some actions should be taken no later than the beginning of their first semester of enrollment and no later than the end of the drop/add period for the first semester. It takes one year to establish residency so all Non-Florida U.S. students should start the process prior to beginning at UF.

Learn more about establishing residency here.

TIPS: When filling out residency affidavit DO NOT LEAVE BLANKS. If something does not apply to you use “N/A.”
Application for Residency MUST be done prior to the term AND you must specify the term in which you are applying. You cannot apply for residency retroactively.