Departments and Centers

Graduate students in the UF College of Pharmacy can choose their research path through one of five departments.

Explore our five research-based departments

Research departments in the UF College of Pharmacy cover the entire life cycle of a drug, from drug discovery and development to post-market drug safety analysis.

Research Centers and Core

These centers support research activities across the drug life cycle and create collaborative platforms across the UF College of Pharmacy and the UF Health Science Center.


Center for Drug Evaluation and Safety

The UF Center for Drug Evaluation and Safety unites researchers interested in using big data to evaluate drugs and the safety of medications in real-world populations. It has access to the health records of more than 300 million lives, provides expertise in the measurement of drug exposure and outcomes/phenotypes, offers communities to exchange ideas, and will train the next generation of researchers in drug evaluation and safety.


Center for Integrative Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease

The Center for Integrative Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease supports an emerging group of more than 25 UF faculty researching cardio-metabolic diseases, including Type 2 diabetes, obesity, chronic kidney disease, stroke and atherosclerosis. The center is expected to enrich research collaborations in publishing high-impact manuscripts and securing grant funding.


Center for Natural Products, Drug Discovery and Development

The University of Florida Center for Natural Products, Drug Discovery and Development (CNPD3) fosters early-stage drug discovery by providing infrastructure, chemical libraries and expertise to screen for disease-relevant targets and molecules that modulate target activity. A compound identified during the discovery program will serve as the starting point for development campaigns


Center for Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine

The Center for Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine is part of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida.  We are one of the leading educational institutions in pharmacogenomics research and training of future scientists. Our collaboration in pharmacogenomics research with other disciplines such as medicine, dentistry and biological sciences at the University of Florida, ensures innovation in this cutting edge science.


Center for Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology

Pharmacometrics & System Pharmacology is the combination of two interrelated disciplines that seek to quantify disease, drug and clinical trial characteristics in individual and population levels. Using systems biology approaches, researchers study drug activities, targets and clinical effects to support and advance translational research, which improves the process of bringing new drugs to market for improved patient therapies, including personalized medicines.


UF Translational Drug Development Core

Led by faculty in the UF College of Pharmacy, the CTSI Translational Drug Development Core provides services and expertise in bioanalytical drug metabolism and preclinical pharmacokinetics in order to help faculty bridge this gap.


Lina Cui, Ph.D.

Dr. Cui's lab in the University of Florida College of Pharmacy explores the biochemical activities of glycan processing enzymes and develops therapeutic and diagnostic molecules or tools for various types of cancer and age-related diseases (e.g. diabetes, neurodegeneration, etc).

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